Rowi for Windows Phone

A handful of weeks ago Hidden Pineapple teased about an upcoming update for Rowi. This morning the update is slowly propagated through the Windows Phone Store and should be available for everyone. Let’s check out what we get with the latest and greatest edition of Rowi.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ability to instantly receive push notifications with new notification types and lock screen support. You also get:

  • Bug fixes
  • Twitter 1.1 API support
  • Expanded URLs shown in lists of tweets
  • Receive tweets instantly inside of Rowi
  • Receive push notifications instantly on multiple devices with multiple accounts with new notification types and lock screen support
  • Higher resolution user images
  • User profile banner images
  • integration

Rowi SC

The Windows Phone Store seems really slow this morning, the update shows in the web browser as version 3.4, but your will show 3.3 on the device. As usual, patience as the Store slowly updates itself and you’ll get the update soon enough.

What’s your favorite feature in the latest version? Live stream of your Twitter feed? Instant notifications? The use of banner images? Sound off below.

The app is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x users. The app also comes in a free and paid ($1.49, we incorrectly reported the price earlier as being higher. Reached out to Hidden Pineapple, $2.99 is the new price) version. The free version is on the left while the paid version is on the right for the QR codes below.

QR: Rowi

Source: Hidden Pineapple