We showed you what the Aviary photo SDK was capable of doing the other day in Rowi version 2.1 and now that update is live, at least for the free "Lite" version of the app.

That's right, you can now start to upload super fantastic images all from within the app by using those new photo tools, thanks to Aviary's SDK. But that's not all, Rowi Lite version 2.1 also has multiple account support, something we've been wanting for ages as well as TweetMarker.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, TweetMarker ( is a service that helps keep your Tweets in sync between certain desktop clients and your mobile. It comes in two flavors, free and the "Plus" version which costs an extra $2 a month--a nice option for you power users our there.

No fear though for you paid Rowi supporters as your update with all the above is right around the corner as well, so sit tight.

For now, pick up Rowi Lite version 2.1 here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Rowi Lite