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Coming Friday, November 2nd to AT&T?

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Two sites today—TechRadar and the Verge—both with decent track records on rumors (not-ranked and 84% respectively, via Tracour) are claiming that AT&T and Nokia are looking to open the doors to the Lumia 920 and 820 on November 2nd.

The phone is reportedly in testing at AT&T’s labs and if all goes well, that is the date that AT&T will be looking to put the phone on the shelves.

The date is a bit odd as it falls on a Friday. AT&T as far as we know always release phones on Sundays and they have been quite consistent in that recently for the last few Windows Phone launches. Why the change if true? Perhaps to get the phone out as early as possible but also maybe they are timing it with the end of BUILD 2012, which coincidently ends on the same day.

T-Mobile is expected to launch the Lumia 820 during the same week and later Verizon will launch the flaghship Lumia 920, hopefully in that fireball Red.

Both devices are able to sport pentaband HSPA+ and LTE as options, a possibility due to the new Qualcomm chipsets used in Windows Phone 8.

While we would be very excited to see the new Windows Phone 8 devices launch on the last day of Build 2012 (imagine if they gave them away?), release dates have a history of slipping as happened with the original Lumia 900 on AT&T, so we wouldn’t request off from work just yet. 

Windows Phone Central will be at Build 2012 for live coverage.

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Source:  TechRadar, the Verge