Have you ever wondered what to do with those old cell phones?  AT&T may be gearing up a "Phone Trade-in" program in June. The Boy Genius Report is reporting that the trade-in won't be without stipulations.

  • The phone being traded in can't be more than two years old and must be in good shape. This will rule out that old StarTac that you have in the junk drawer or the Treo 650 that mysteriously found it's way into the laundry machine.
  • The new phone will not have any contract discounts applied to it. You'll be paying full sticker minus the trade-in allowance.
  • Trade-in values will range from $50 to $200.

BGR is calling this "a rumor and nothing more for the time being" and we would have to agree with that assessment.  While the concept sounds interesting, if you're phone is only yielding a $50 trade-in value, why would you opt out of the larger contractual discounts? The only advantage would be if the trade-in program waived the two year contract.  Will AT&T reduce the size of the contractual discounts to make a trade-in program more attractive?

If structured right, a trade-in program would be a nice alternative to putting those old phones on Ebay.