Think of Quanta as "HTC Lite" - They design and manufacture smartphones for the likes of HP and Orange, but they lack HTC's brand and HTC's ambition to sell HTC phones as HTC phones to help build their brand. In any case, the rumors surround Dell's plans in the aftermath of the Axim's demise keep swirling. Earlier in the week the rumor was Dell would buy Palm, which caused me to snort in derision so hard I fell backwards over the back of my chair and therefore didn't post it.

This rumor, though, seems much more likely:

the Dell PDA handset project, codenamed "Fly," will develop a model using the Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform and supporting HSDPA. It probably will feature a QWERTY keyboard, though feature details have yet to be determined, the sources said.

Read: Quanta may be developing PDA handset for Dell I said in the TreoCentral Treocast on Monday, if I were Dell I'd probably just focus on making computers and finding ways to fix their margin there instead of trying to make every gosh darn widget that can plug into a computer. Then again, who am I to complain about another WM6 smartphone? Nobody, that's who.