File this one under big rumor/subject to change.

MS Nerd has published what he says is the timeline for a lot of Microsoft's major platforms, including Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and the launch of Xbox "Loop" aka next gen Xbox hardware.  While of course tantalizing, there's nothing really to back it up. Then again, when you read it, it's quite realistic and logical as to what you expect Microsoft to do. It even follows their current scheduling of things, so why not?

We'll just hit on the Windows Phone news:

  • CES 2012 - Tango1 Launch
  • Mobile World Congress '12 - Tango2 SDK
  • MIX 12 - Tango 2 launch, Apollo announce
  • E3 2012 - Apollo SDK
  • Mobile World Congress '13 - Apollo +1 teaser
  • MIX 13 - Apollo +1 teaser
  • Mobile World Congress '14 - Windows Phone Nine teaser
  • MIX 2014 - Windows Phone Nine SDK
  • BUILD 2014 Windows 9 Mobile RTM
  • November 2014 Windows 9 Mobile Launch (with Windows 9 and Kinect H2 release)

From what we've seen of how Microsoft releases things, this seems quite logical. The interesting change is of course in 2014 when Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 merge and we get what MS Nerd lists as "Win9M". We're  assuming that means Windows 9 Mobile, but who knows.

Edit: No surprise, but Microsoft's Brandon Watson disagrees with the leak: "I love reading "logical" "leaked timelines" and laughing. #wronginsomanyways". Of course, no one was expecting him to confirm it either.

Check out MS Nerd for some other, non-phone details. Image credit: Jozef Kocúr;  Thanks, Alex F., for the tip!