So take this one with a huge grain of salt, though if squint hard enough, it almost makes sense.

Over at phonedog, they got a tip that "...Sprint would be beating T-Mo to the punch by launching US versions of the devices at CTIA in April with May availability dates."

To some that may sound very early, in fact it might even beat T-Mobile in Europe, who are reportedly getting some new HTC love in June.

But we do know that Sprint has given the "end of life" (EOL) tag to the Touch Diamond for July and looking at Sprint's past practices, a device's EOL date is usually around 2 months after the launch of its replacement (e.g. Treo Pro (orig: 2/09)/800w EOL (4/09); Diamond (9/08)/Touch EOL (~11/08); Touch Pro (11/08)/Mogul EOL (~1/09) etc.). Coupled with the fact that Sprint did get the original Touch, Diamond and Touch Pro pretty darn quick and you know, it could be possible.

So perhaps there's some truth to this? Guess we'll find out more from booth N120 as CTIA approaches!