Looking down at our plethora of Lumia devices, there’s a distinct pattern we’re noticing: there are a ton of Nokia apps. Indeed, when it comes to camera apps one could argue that Nokia has too many with some even overlapping in function. Such is the case with Smart Cam and Pro Cam, which makes us feel a little schizophrenic when we’re choosing camera Lenses to snap that perfect moment.

The app Nokia Camera is supposed to alleviate that problem by combining Smart and Pro Cams into one app for all Lumia devices. So says Nawzil, who according to his Twitter profile is a social network specialist at Microsoft Kuwait. He even posted a supposed icon of the new mega app, though we cannot verify its authenticity.

Suposed Tile for Nokia Camera app

Windows Phone Central hasn’t heard anything about this supposed merger, but much like Nokia’s HERE services, it’s not difficult to believe. Nokia often develops many technologies at once and release them as separate apps. If they resonate well with customers, later Nokia may incorporate them into other services. Think of LiveSight from City Lens and how it is in just about everything these days.

There is one area that needs to be explained though. Up until now, Pro Cam has been reserved for the higher end Lumias, specifically the 92x series and up. How Pro Cam's features trickle down to the more budget friendly Lumias remains to be seen, as it will mean a reversal in policy for Nokia.

Still, while we have not verified the information it is certainly plausible and it would seem apropos for the October 22nd announcement for the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 Tablet device launches.

Source: Twitter, FacebookThanks, Pawan K., for the tip