We're pretty sure we've been saying this for months now, but reportedly Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows Phone 7 in New York City on October 11th, at least according to Pocket-lint.

While the exact date has been up in the air, October and New York have been been assumed to be the time and place for the big launch--after all, it was exactly one year ago (October 6th, 2009) in New York City that Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5 (see our earlier coverage of that, to relive some memories), so it makes sense for them to repeat that event.

Hey, we're in New York City...how convenient!

Microsoft has not yet named the date for their 'Open House' where they show off all sorts of new tech, including Xbox, Kinect (aka 'Project Natal'), Windows 7, etc. Last year was seriously a blast and very well done, so we're kind of hoping for a repeat.

Assuming the rumor is accurate, you can bet U.S. carriers will be on hand with their wares to show off (though not sell, that's probably weeks later). While AT&T is confirmed with their multiple devices, we're still waiting on the likes of Sprint and possible hold-out Verizon to see what they be bringin'. Sprint last year did surprise (and eventually underwhelm us) with the Samsung Intrepid, so perhaps they still have some WP7 gear under wraps?

Finally though, let's remember, this is still all unconfirmed rumor at this time, but a very plausible one. We'll keep you posted.