Previously we reported that Microsoft will be giving a special white edition of the Xbox One console to team members of the Xbox division. If you are consumed by the fire of jealousy, consider this to be some good news: supposedly an insider source in China revealed that the white next-gen Xbox One will be available to the consumer market some time after the console's initial launch in late November.

The source didn't get very specific about the time of availability, only saying "definitely into 2014". The white version will be pretty much identical to Microsoft's gift to Xbox team members, only lacking that "I MADE THIS" etching on the front panel, "all first party games" for free, and 1 year of free Xbox Live Gold membership as well. But hey, that's a white console you've probably been hoping for, right?

The source also indicated that the Xbox One will be released in Hong Kong by March 2014. This is definitely good news for gamers in Hong Kong, who have not made it into the first wave of launch countries. The news is also exciting for gamers in China, where the sale of video game consoles is banned by the government. As a result, gamers have to live on smuggled units and games from Hong Kong.

Source: WPDang