Nokia Rivendale

We’re more than halfway through 2013 and Nokia shows no signs of slowing down. Since the year started they’ve released half a dozen new handsets running Windows Phone 8. Which is actually on point with the message they were giving at CES. More handsets with more variety. That’s certainly true with devices like the Lumia 520 for emerging markets to the recently announced Lumia 1020 for those on the bleeding edge. But they have 5 months left in 2013, what else are they working on? Prepare for the Nokia Rivendale.

The Lumia 1020 hasn’t even been official for a week and we’re ready to start the next round of watching for rumors and leaks around a device going by the codename Rivendale. The tip comes courtesy of @evleaks, who has been on the money with things like this for the past 11 months. What do we know about the Nokia Rivendale? About as much as you.

The codename appears alongside some others. HTC Z4, Amazon GLP70, Lenovo Aupres and Snoopy. Amazon hasn’t made a smartphone yet. So we’re inclined to believe that the GLP70 is another tablet in their Kindle lineup. Lenovo has only made about three smartphones, so again we’re inclined to think this might be a tablet from the successful PC maker. So what if this was a Nokia tablet? Or, as much as Dan hates the word, a phablet? Didn’t we see an aluminum looking device from Nokia recently? Yes we did. And it appeared larger that a regular smartphone in those pictures.

We have a feeling we’ll slowly be learning and hearing more about Rivendale over the coming months. What are you guys leaning towards? A Nokia Lumia 1020 with 1080p display or maybe a real phablet?

Source: Twitter