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File this under rumor but certainly plausible

Ever since Windows Phone hit the market in 2010, complaints that users cannot take screenshots have persisted as a fairly major annoyance for what is a technically minor issue to implement. Due to some of the media hounding various Microsoft execs about the problem it shouldn’t be a surprise that Redmond is finally addressing this with Windows Phone 8.

The site WPDang is now reporting that this feature will be built in to Windows Phone 8 with the following key-combo to initiate: press and hold Start plus the Camera button.

We are as of yet unable to confirm the validity of WPDang’s claim so take it with a grain of salt—but let’s be honest, of all the surprises that Windows Phone 8 may bring, native screenshots should be fairly predictable and doable. Such a feature would be beneficial for developers for promoting their apps, consumers for sharing bug reports and those in the tech media who need images for reviews. 

Currently, there is a hombrew option for those with developer unlocked Windows Phones. It requires sideloading of a XAP file and while it is very effective most Windows Phone users are unable to use it due to the requirements. 

Source: WPDang (translated); via Windows Phone Daily