It looks like Microsoft may be turning to Miracast to allow Windows Phone users to share and beam their phone's screens to a nearby HDTV. Miracast may bring to Windows Phone some of the screen casting and sharing functionality that rivals Apple and Google offer through their "TV" experiences, and it looks like Microsoft may be working on its own dongle to allow the connectivity to happen.

Microsoft has a new accessory that it's seeking regulatory approval with U.S. agency the FCC in the form of the Microsoft HD-10 that contains WiFi connectivity, a USB connection, and HDMI port. The device is labeled as a "Miracast Dongle" and serves as a media adapter.

Windows Phone 8.1 currently does support Miracast screen sharing capabilities, though many older HDTV sets lack the technology. By creating an adapter, Microsoft may bridge the gap for Windows Phone owners. The technology could compete with Apple TV's AirPlay as well as Google's Chromecast and Android TV.

Are you excited about playing your favorite Windows Phone game on a big screen TV and using your phone as a controller?

It's unclear when Microsoft will debut the product, but an announcement could happen on September 4th at an IFA event.

Source: Windows Phone Daily