Hover Touch Ability

We have been hearing rumors of Microsoft releasing a “Surface Mini” device since the original Surface RT tablet landed in stores. While a mini version of Microsoft’s superbly designed Surface tablet would be great, there are apparently other additions onboard. Reports from a Chinese blog site, WPDang, have stated that device may feature Kinect like abilities.

The rumor states that the Surface Mini, will use recognition capabilities to control the tablet using a user’s face and hand movements. While this may sound exciting at first, it is nothing we haven’t seen before. Many of Lenovo’s tablets, including their YOGA series, include the ability to control applications with voice and hand commands. Companies like Sony have also spent a good amount of time integrating face recognition technology into their devices.

That being said, the rumored Surface Mini may be able to pull off similar tricks, but the anonymous sources from WPDang have stated that the tablet would use the same somatosensory technology that is used in the Xbox Kinect.

What do you think of a Surface Mini with Kinect potential?

Source: WPDang; via CNET