Runtastic for Windows Phone

If you missed the ‘Red Stripe’ deal a few weeks ago for Runtastic Pro (it was on sale for $.99, down from its normal $4.99), well, you missed a great offer for an impressive service for fitness buffs. The app recently went full Windows Phone 8 on us, bringing a host of new features and a slight redesign. Personally, we’ve been using it with the physical heart rate monitor and have been having a blast.

Even if you don’t run, it has general fitness features too, including weights, skiing, swimming and more. If you use Fitbit and or MyFitnessPal, it can easily link up to both services, giving you a comprehensive overview of your activity level and calories expended.

Version 2.4 just went live in the Store for the paid, Pro version (we’re sure the free app will be getting bumped too). With it comes some interesting new additions:

  • New Languages:  Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch
  • Improvements: Updated wording, dialogs; Improved app start time and performance
  • Fixes: Login connection with Facebook repaired

For some of you, that Facebook fix is a big deal while for others, being able to use the app and service in your language will be a big boost. For the rest? Hey, faster is always better, right?

Grab your Runtastic Pro (v2.4) update here in the Store or try out the free version here (v2.3).  Also, read our in-depth review.

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