A new report claims that a Russian-based company called Vobis Computer will launch a new Windows Phone device under their Highscreen brand that could be priced at under 4,000 rubles, or less than $100.

The report doesn't have much information in the way of the phone's hardware specifications, but it will apparently be released on October 14 and will have an auto focus camera along with a large battery. The article from Lenta.ru comes with a small image of the Highscreen device which again doesn't really offer much information. Hopefully when the phone is released the company will offer a full hardware overview of the device.

Recently, Microsoft announced that 14 new Windows Phone OEMs have launched or announced plans to release 22 devices since the company launched a program that offers hardware makers access to basic reference designs. What do you make of this latest new and cheap Windows Phone product from Russia?

Source: Lenta.ru via WP7Forum.ru