WP Central Sacre bleu Surface Ads are starting to appear in Europe

Photos have been captured of what appears to be Surface ads in Paris. Taking on the same form of graffiti style as those seen in the US recently we’re wondering if this is the start of a concerted effort to get the message out to those in Europe.

These type of ads have been appearing in the US for some time but so far we haven’t had anything at all globally, leading many to begin to worry about availability across the pond.

This is the first we have seen of any advertising in Europe and until more appear we’re going to take a cautious approach to what this example means. We certainly hope it means widespread availability globally instead of a US centric launch.

WP Central US ad - first seen..

Street style Surface ads first spotted in the US

We have previously reported that China is set to get distribution of Surface through Suning stores but little is still known for plans elsewhere. There seems to be no indication that Surface will be available anywhere but online in France, Italy, Germany and the UK. We reported a while back that Surface has at least shown up in product listings on Microsoft store sites in those locations.

Having just come back from Paris I can personally attest to their love of all things graffiti so it wouldn't’t surprise me if this advert was a one off. We certainly hope it isn’t and it marks the start of a wider campaign to launch Windows 8 and the gorgeous new hardware we know as Surface. With the coming tsunami of advertising pegged for Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone 8 we're sure to see much more activity in this area. 

If you have seen any Surface ads where you live outside the US please do let us know.

Source: @MATHIEUFLEX (Twitter), via TheVerge