This week’s Xbox Live release, Tentacles – while awesome, is perhaps a little icky with all the tentacles and eyeball eating and such. Next week’s release should cleanse the palette nicely. It’s Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition from Game House.

Sally’s Salon is the tale of Sally, a woman with a dream. She’s out to make her fortune by chopping and styling as much hair as possible. It’s like Sweeny Todd, only without the arterial spray and Helena Bonham Carter. Anyway, Sally’s Salon is actually a nice evolution of the Diner Dash formula. Players don’t just rush back and forth between chairs helping everyone look their best. They can also purchase upgrades for the salon to help keep customers happy, such as coffee and magazines. The game features at least nine unique locations to play through, as well as plenty of moxie.

Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition hits the Marketplace on Wednesday, July 27 for $4.99. That’s like a third what most of us pay for a haircut! Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with publisher Game House too.