Game House initially expected their Xbox Live title Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition to debut in August, but certification went faster than planned. Sally’s got her roots dyed, hair curled, and she is good to go. Thus Sally’s Salon is now available on the Marketplace.

Until now, Star Wars Cantina was the only game in town for Diner Dash fans. Thankfully Sally’s Salon is a much nicer (and frillier) game. Customers enter the salon with their hair all frizz-ay and it’s up to Sally to get them seated and trimmed to perfection. Seating each customer, meeting her styling needs, and checking her out - all while dealing with new customers requires fast tapping and dragging skills.  When the profits start rolling in, players can hire new employees, upgrade salon stations, and add new amenities such as magazines and coffee machines. Nine different locations and some tough looking Achievements should give Sally some staying power. Just try to ignore the elevator music.

Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition costs $4.99 and there is a free trial. Female gamers and male gamers who are comfortable in their masculinity can get the game here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.