PhoneArena is reporting from a scooper that Sprint will be releasing the not-exactly-highly-anticipated-yet-it-is-still-kinda-cool Samsung Ace WM 6 smartphone on February 17th with an MSRP of $449.99. (One hopes and assumes that's without a contract!)

To give you a refresh on the Samsung Ace, this is Sprint's new "world phone", meaning it is supposed to rock both CDMA and globe-trottin' GSM, plus:

  • CDMA/EVDO (Rev 0)
  • 1.3mp camera
  • WM 6 Standard
  • microSD
  • BT 2.0

The rest is standard-fare. While not a great device and not exactly anything cutting edge there, for you Sprint globe-trotters it should be a decent-enough phone to keep you happy when you're out and about. Personally, I'm hoping someday for a Sprint Palm Treo world phone ;-)

Speaking of, still no word on the Treo 800w release date, so why not take a guess for our contest to win one?