It looks like Microsoft is going to get some well-needed assistance in promoting Windows Phone.  According to Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s mobile unit, Samsung and HTC have both argeed to upping their marketing budgets, which may include everything from advertising to retail staff to pique consumer interest.  It's a great move for Microsoft, who seems to have struggled with promoting Windows Phone themselves.  Gartner, Inc. analyst, Michael Gartenberg agrees that while WP7 is a solid product, it lacks the PR:

“From a technical perspective, it really does put them on par with the other competitors, but a lot of times Microsoft gets it right with the technology and then fumbles the marketing message.“

He also added that Windows Phone has seen its fair share of retailer bias, which has been reported on previously:

"If you went to store they showed you anything other than a Windows Phone. If you asked for a Windows Phone, they tried to talk you out of it.”

It's good to see some of Microsoft's partners get involved, as they certainly have skin in the game.  HTC has said that almost one third of their sales come from Windows Phone and Samsung has made a commitment to continue working with it as part of their recent Android patent deal with MS.  It would seem silly for them not to have made this move.  Nokia, who has obviously put all of their eggs in the WP basket, have recently seen some of their upcoming ads emerge. Between the three, it may not be long before Windows Phone sees a bump in its disappointing market performance.

Source: Bloomberg