Samsung is rumored to be announcing a new Windows Phone, the Omnia Pro 4, tomorrow at CommunicAsia 2010. CommunicAsia is an international communications and information technology conference held in Singapore.

All we know from the rumors is the name and that the Omnia Pro 4 is expected to be announced with two new Bada phones, Samsung's OS, the Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro. There were no hint at the Omnia Pro 4's specs or what happened to the Omnia Pro 2 or 3.

While the Samsung Omnia made its way to the U.S. Market, the Omnia Pro (pictured above) found a place in overseas markets. Odds aren't great that we'll see the Omnia Pro 4 but with so little known about this new phone, anything is possible. As we find out more on the Omnia Pro 4, we'll pass it on.

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