Samsung ATIV S - First to announce and last to market

Yesterday we commented how Samsung appears to be late to the Windows Phone 8 train with their ATIV S smartphone. While not as visually eye-catching as HTC or Nokia's offerings, the device has strong appeal to the smartphone traditionalists out there or just those who want every high spec tossed into a phone. Sporting a 4.8" display, 32GB of onboard storage (with an expansion card option), dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU, a massive 2300 mAh battery and a slick, metal finish, the phone has its fans.

Unfortunately, we just received direct word that Expansys is pushing back expected availability from November to the week of December 4th. That reinforces  our hypothesis that Samsung is either having some production delays or software hiccups, which is preventing them from getting this phone into customer hands. And if Expansys is expecting delays, you can bet carriers like Rogers will too.

While that won't matter too much for the off-contract people, it seems to have affected carriers who so far have been gun-shy in s supporting the ATIV S. To date, no US carrier has announced this phone, which is most shocking for AT&T who has been a big supporter of Samsung Windows Phones in the past.

Having said that, we wouldn't be surprised to see some late-carrier additions of this phone when Samsung gets it together.

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