Samsung ATIV S is one curious case.

It was the first ever Windows Phone 8 device ever shown to the consumers, yet probably the last one to get onto the shelves. Today, even the extremely late-coming Huawei Ascend W1 has probably better availability than ATIV S. According to the latest rumor, the mysterious will land in China on March 8. However, the final retail price is said to be "undecided yet".

Apparently Samsung is trying to pitch the ATIV S against HTC 8X and Lumia 920, and looking for more leverage on pricing.

Personally I'm not sure how many Windows Phone fans are really holding back for ATIV S though. Talking about Windows Phone 8 goodies, we've already got thin & light build (HTC 8X), cheap pricing (Ascend W1), awesome camera (Lumia 920), not to mention a whole series of bells & whistles from various OEMs. There's hardly anything really unique about ATIV S. Yes it's slightly thinner than competitors and there's that Super AMOLED screen which is of dubious reputation, but those are hardly enough to offset its especially late entry.

Windows Phone OEMs have been trying to gain consumer love in China by throwing in exclusive software features. For example, Chinese Lumia phones are loaded with call and SMS filters, and the HTC gang are sporting Data Sense. Hopefully Samsung has a few killer moves up its sleeves too.

Source: WPDang