Next week, Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8.1. Usually with big OS refreshes you get a few hardware launches, as well. That’s no different this time around as we’re expecting the Lumia 630 (aka ‘Moneypenny’), Lumia 930 (aka ‘Martini’, a non-Verizon version of the Icon) and eventually ‘Goldfinger’, which we hear is going to be a somewhat radical departure in terms of user interaction.

One of those 8.1 launch devices is reportedly the Samsung ATIV SE, another refresh from Samsung destined for Verizon. Not much is known about this device except that it may have a five inch, 1080P display and that it’s being built for Windows Phone 8.1. A render has been leaked by Evleaks that suggests a strong similarity between it and other ATIV devices in terms of aesthetics.

It’s not clear yet though if it will launch with 8.1 or get the update sometime soon after.

Now, we’re getting word from a trusted source that the ATIV SE will hit shelves on April 18 with an off-contract price of $599. On-contract will most likely be $199, but we have not been able to verify that as of yet.

That puts the release just over two weeks post Build, which seems on par with announcement and pre-order time for Verizon.

We’ve also heard about another phone launch on April 9th, which is even more intriguing, though we don’t know what phone it was. If we hazard a guess, the Lumia 930, possibly for AT&T.

We’ll try to dig up more information, but April should be an exciting month for Windows Phone fans.