Phone Arena has a post chock full of Samsung-y goodness. Let's parse out what we're expecting here.

On AT&T, there's word that the “Mirage” we'd figured would be the US version of the Samsung Omnia (check out our Hardware Hands on and Software Hands on) is actually nothing more than the internal codename for the BlackJack III. The BJIII, if you recall, is expected to be the US version of the Samsung i780 (we figure the US brand will the the i788). In other words: take a BlackJack II and make it a touchscreen, Windows Mobile Pro device.

The Omnia should still be still en-route as well, though there's no new info on it beyond the fact that we now suspect that it's not the Mirage. Although we still expect it, it's not exactly heartening to see the FCC pass something called the SGH-A867 -- it's oddly it's lacking WiFi. Make of that what you will.

We're almost home now: next up is that both devices may also be destined for Verizon. The SCH-i770 will be Verizon's version of the BlackJack III, a rumor that makes sense given Verizon's penchant for uninspiring names. The Omnia is also apparently on deck for Verizon, too.

Clear as mud? Don't worry, we feel the same way.

via Engadget Mobile and BGR

p.s. one piece of bad news: the relatively cool QWERTY Slider, the i640, is coming to the US; It's coming with a custom Samsung OS, though, not Windows Mobile.