Samsung is reportedly working on a new smartphone, running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

According to a new app that has been published to the Windows Phone Store by Samsung, the manufacturer has a new phone on the horizon called the "Cronus", which could well be the next ATIV Windows Phone - Sprint is taking on the ATIV S Neo. That phone is due to hit shelves in the coming weeks.

Here's what the app description reads on the store listing:

MobileCare collects the log/minidump files and uploads to Samsung MobileCare server which is normally used in User Trial. The quality of the product can be improved by statistical analysis of the log/minidump

*it can be worked only on below Samsung devices.
Cronus(developing), Launched devices (GDR2 or later version of ATIV S/ATIV Odyssey)
and now we will use only for English.

Samsung is using the ATIV brand to group all of its Windows hardware, but it is unclear if 'Cronus' is just an internal name or the public one e.g. "ATIV Cronus". That would obviously make it a whole new phone, possibly for international audiences, rather than the inbound Sprint device (which is what we're leaning on).

We don't know what the Windows Phone will look like or what specifications it will feature. For now, be sure to take this lightly and while it's official with a Samsung app, there's still little to go on here.

Source: Windows Phone Store, via: SamMobile