BGR's AT&T sources sent on an internal flyer promoting an internal event to teach their employees about the Samsung Epix, which until now we were calling the BlackJack III and very briefly wondered if it might actually be the Mirage. So now we can say with assuredness that the Samsung i788 will be called the Samsung Epix. We are a little less sure about this, but the pending release of this front-facing QWERTY Windows Mobile Pro device on AT&T might help explain why they didn't take a chance at immediately release another one that's only available unlocked. Ahem.

Anyhow, BGR is guessing a $199 after rebate price point. We're guessing this means that the Mirage is definitely going to be the Omnia. We're also guessing that you're getting tired of all these codenames and name changes. If you're guessing that we don't blame you for that, you're right.

Specs aren't a big secret either: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. 320x320 touchscreen, fiddly optical mouse instead of a dpad, 3G, GPS, and WiFi.

One last note: We are very happy to see this thing not called the BlackJack III. The BlackJack brand belongs to Windows Mobile Standard in our eyes and we would have hated to see it muddied up.