Looks like a lot is happening with the homebrew community these days, so here is a brief update to keep you in the loop:

XDA member sensboston has coded up an LED flashlight app that works on the Samsung Focus. Up till this point, we've had to use the "white screen" method to illuminate a dark room (see overview here), which although works is not as preferable as the LED. You do need to have your device unlocked to use this, so be warned. We imagine someone could code one up for the Marketplace, if MS were to allow apps that accessed this feature to pass certification--we're not holding our breath though, not till 2011 when they revise their requirements. [Note: this may work on other device like LG too, we have not tested to verify. Also, this works by accessing the video feature, hence the sound. We have not noticed any side effects of this, but there could be some.]

The second update is of less interest for now but still important. ChevronWP7 has an app limit--actually developers have an app limit of 10 programs per device.  This means that unlocked phones (both jailbroken and legit) can only install 10 sideloaded apps at a time. This "feature" was to prevent developers from flooding the market with cheap apps but it also puts a kink in the homebrew community. Now developer Thomas Hounsell has modified ChevronWP7 to lift that very limit, which will be important in the future as the community grows.