An AT&T Forum user, sporting the moniker melted_focus, has posted a tale of woe about his Samsung Focus that suddenly started smoking when he plugged in the charging cable.  The problem is said to have begun when the device repeatedly started chiming like it does when you first start charging it; however, the cable was not plugged in.  After a fruitless reboot, he decided to try plugging in the charging cable.  This halted the beeping, but within 30 seconds, the Focus allegedly began smoking.  The result was a singed Focus and charger.

Melted_focus took the phone to his local AT&T corporate store, but because the phone was more than 30 days old, they refused to replace it in-store.  The next step was trying to get it replaced under warranty at an AT&T Device support center.  After speaking to a technician, a supervisor and a manager, melted_focus was told that there was no service bulletin related to this issue, and therefore it was not covered under warranty.  The only options offered were Make an insurance claim and pay a deductible for a "like-new" replacement, or buy a new one at full retail price.  As it stands now, melted_focus is awaiting a call back from a supervisor in the AT&T warranty department. 

While there are plenty of possible explanations that do not include a defective device, it would stand to reason that AT&T might just want to help out a customer in need, especially one that may be bringing a potentially dangerous issue to their attention.  We will keep our eyes on this story.  In the meantime, you can check out some of the other pics of the toasty Focus.

Source: AT&T Forum; Via: BGR