Galaxy S5

Google and Samsung have joined Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in expressing concerns to Chinese courts about Microsoft's purchase of Nokia. Redmond is set to absorb Nokia's phone business for 7.2 billion dollars, integrating the division responsible for Lumia, Asha and X device families. The reasons behind this move are fears that the deal will result in higher patent licensing costs.

According to a Bloomberg report, the two parties, alongside Chinese counterparts, are concerned Microsoft will gain the upper hand in the smartphone market and will abuse acquired patents. ZTE and Huawei are two Chinese companies who have urged region regulators to set conditions and restrictions on the deal. While Microsoft is indeed looking to purchase Nokia's hardware division, HERE services will be left in Finland with NSN.

The EU has already approved the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, but it'll be interesting to see if the Chinese Ministry of Commerce will demand guarantees that the agreement doesn't result in higher patent fees for other companies. A twist to the story is ZTE, Huawei and Samsung already make hardware running the Windows Phone OS.

Microsoft is also attempting to woo other Android manufacturers by relaxing some of the requirements that make Windows Phones unique.

Source: Bloomberg