Here's a fun rumor we heard over the weekend from an anonymous tipster: at a meeting for AT&T Store managers, looks like a few manufacturer reps got a little overexcited about what's coming down the pike. One couldn't help himself from pulling a BlackBerry Bold out and flashing it around. Another, she had a full-on gear bag full of phones -- one of which appeared to be the Samsung i780. Technically, it would have been the Samsung SGH-i788, which has the bands necessary for the US 3G networks.

The rep said it was "OTA," which apparently in her parlance meant "not released" instead of "Over the air." As you'd expect, it's just a little thicker than the BlackJack II, features that weird mouse pointer, a telescoping stylus, and was, in fact, branded with the AT&T logo.

It was in the standard black color and was relatively pretty light considering what it packs. The battery was dead so our tipster didn