Listen Samsung, we know that you're trying to get some of the ancillary attention being paid to that other smartphone today, but we fear that might not work out so well for you. Nevertheless, we're actually pretty impressed with what you're offering with the i900. Good specs will out, as they say:

  • QuandBand Edge and HSDPA that should work in the US
  • Five Megapixel camera
  • FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • 400 x 240 screen
  • Custom interface on top of Windows Mobile
  • GPS
  • 624 MHz Processer
  • Touchscreen (capacitive!) with haptic feedback
  • 16 gigs of storage and a microSD slot

All in all, it's awfully good stuff. We still think that 240x400 is going to give some users fits with 3rd party apps that might not be compatible. We also worry just a bit that, like with your i780, you're eschewing the traditional 5-way D-Pad for that little mousepad thing. But perusing the GSM Arena hands on makes us think that the i900 does a good job beating out the Diamond. CNet Asia's First Impressions makes us hanker to see this custom interface of yours as well. We do recommend you drop the price a bit though and we hope this makes it way out of the Asian markets.