Samsung Attack Ad

Advertisements come in all shape and form. Ads that highlight the strengths of your products are generally the one most people like. Though companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Apple are all guilty of taking the ‘attack ad’ approach. Most of the time those types of ads are a little hard to watch and come off as petty. Here’s a new one from Samsung that just induces all sorts of cringe.

Let’s focus on the Surface part for a moment. They’re showing off a Surface Pro using the optional dock accessory. You know the one that nobody uses while mobile and will for 99.99% of all people stay on their home or office desk? Yeah, Samsung calls that a device a battery dock. Which is flat out wrong.

The Surface docking station is the furthest thing from a battery dock you can get. It’s a docking station that actually does add a ton of extra functionality to the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It’s of course optional and not all required to get the most out of your Surface Pro.

Though it’s definitely nice to have as an option for power users. The docking station supplies the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 with an extra high-speed USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports. You also get an Ethernet port for a reliable wired connection. Feel free to daisy chain multiple monitors using the included DisplayPort. And finally you get a dedicated port for a headset and another for a microphone.

The only battery related thing you can do with the docking station is charge the internal battery in the Surface Pro/Pro 2.

It’s fine for Samsung to compare their Galaxy Tab Pro up against other tablets. You just need to not intentionally spew false information.

Try again Samsung.

Source: YouTube

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