Ah, the dreaded question-mark headline. The scourge of journalists everywhere. But we're breaking it out with good reason this morning as word trickles in of an Omnia HD that will be released with Windows Mobile 6.5.

This is coming from Dutch site All About Phones (translated here), which says it sat in on a Samsung presentation with a baker's dozen phones, one of which was a Windows Mobile Omnia HD. There's nothing more to go on than that and a very blurry picture which can only be described as a black slab.

However, we can look back to Mobile World Congress, where Dieter got a hands-on with the Omnia HD running S60, so that'll give you a probably glimpse of the hardware, anyway. If this is on the level and intends to launch with WinMo, don't expect to see it anywhere before the latter part of the year.

Via Unwired View