Oh boy, the Samsung i900 aka Omnia appears to be heading to...wait for it...AT&T in Q3.

If you recall, the i900 has some pretty nice specs for a media device (that is in no way a response to that other phone, we swear..uh huh):

  • QuandBand Edge and HSDPA that should work in the US
  • Five Megapixel camera
  • FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • 400 x 240 screen
  • Custom interface on top of Windows Mobile
  • GPS
  • 624 MHz Processer
  • 16 gigs of storage and a microSD slot

Pretty nice iClone except for that strange screen, which if it were VGA might be worth talking about. But that GUI seems interesting at least, we suppose.

Samsung will also receive the honor of being the 6 billionth "Black Slab" phone on the market (Instinct, Diamond, Diamond Pro, iPhone, Voyager, p560, Xenium, BB Thunder, Shine, Glyde, Prada, iPerformer, LG Vue, Paris, e66, etc.) Once again, "innovation" in the industry wins out.

Congratulations Samsung! Next.