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Boring phone with outrageous price?

We’ve reported on Samsung’s Omnia M phone in the past noting that their latest phone is a low-end, borderline Tango entry meant for new and developing markets. That translates into ho-hum specs (4” display, 1GHz CPU, 4GB storage, 5MP camera) and in theory, a low-entry price.

For whatever reason though, we’re not seeing Samsung place nice with local markets with their pricing of the Omnia M borderline unreasonably high for such a mediocre device...

On the site Windows Phone Brazil, they note that the Omnia M, which just went on sale today is priced at R$ 799 (~$389 US). To put that in perspective, the Nokia Lumia 710, arguably a better device with its ClearBlack display (though smaller), 4GB more storage and superior design and build quality goes for R$100 less than the Omnia M, priced at R$700 (~$341 US). Customers walking into a retail outlet will not have to think twice about which Windows Phone to purchase given those two options which for us raises the question: what is Samsung even thinking?

We can surmise there are two possibilities. One, Samsung is not really in this to win any customers and have no hopes for this phone to succeed which raises even more questions, like why even build and release this device? The other is that Nokia is biting the bullet and underpricing their phone to win customers because they are “in it to win it” (really though, they have no choice).

We’ve heard this isn’t just a Brazil issue either as the Omnia M is also ridiculously priced in China and other regions as well, making this phone a non-contender. But really, after looking the specs and hearing of the cheap build quality, who’s loss is it really?

Source: TechnoBlog; via: Windows Phone Brazil