Can we get a drum roll? Samsung has released a new app for Windows Phone. ATIV Beam. Sounds cool, right? It certainly is. We're looking at an NFC app to make it easy to transfer files from the ATIV Windows Phone to... wait, Android? You'd immediately assume that this is just a small error on Samsung's part and the app will work with Windows Phones that sport NFC too, right? Wrong, this is an exclusive app for those who wish to transfer files to Android devices.

It's not really an issue as we have Tap+Send which can natively share documents and media to other Windows Phones, and it's useful for those owners who happen to own Android hardware too, but what about adding more content for its Windows Phone customer base that improve the overall experience offered, instead of compatibility solutions for Google's OS?

Enough of our whinging. You can download ATIV Beam from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Yes it's restricted to Samsung ATIV hardware, but no Scotty cannot beam you up with this app. Cheers, pbroy, for the heads up too!