Samsung so far has been mum on the update to Windows Phone 8.1, with not a single handset worldwide getting the OS refresh, including Verizon's recent high-end ATIV SE, which seems built for 8.1.

If there were any doubt of Samsung's commitment, even if it is half-hearted, users can now put their worries aside as the Korean company has a new app on the store dubbed ATIV Clock. Ironically, it is only for Windows Phone 8.1, as the new OS gives developers the ability to update the Live Tile in real-time.

The app itself lets users pick different times around the world and then pin those regional clocks to their Start screen for accurate and up to date referencing. Once again, Samsung appears to be aiming for the business crowd who presumably travel enough, or interact with people, worldwide. Certainly, the app could be useful if you visit certain places frequently, or make Skype calls with someone living abroad.

Although we are unsure when Samsung (and their carrier partners) will roll out 8.1, it looks like they are least getting ready for it. So far, even the Preview for Developers version has not played too nice with some Samsung handsets, leaving most users with 8.0.

Via: Windows Blog Italia

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