There she is, folks, the Samsung SCH-i760. As you can see in the video, it's a pretty straightfoward implementation of Windows Mobile 6. We've mentioned before that folks in our forums were finding the i760 to be sub-par in the usability department, and that may well be the case after some extended day to day use. Right now, though, we're just impressed with the snappiness of the thing. The screen rotates quickly, screens refresh nice and fast. The hardware itself seems a bit awkward to us (especially that side-loading stylus and the side-mounted send/end keys), but has good build-quality. The QWERTY keyboard got short shrift in the video, so we'll repeat: it's nice and rubbery with decent feedback - it'll do if you're a slider kinda man.

In the end, though, it seems a bit silly to buy this thing when the XV6800 is waiting in the wings. Sure, you get that extra dialpad on the front, but even with the shifted-down 5-way it still feels like a slider device should have a larger screen.