Samsung already has the Galaxy SII variant coming this fall with Windows Phone "Mango" on board, then there's the GT-i8350 also with Mango and now another device, the SGH-i677 looks to coming a well.

Details have emerged via some coding in Samsung's own site, where the model number and web browser (IE9) are listed. In addition, there's Bluetooth and WiFi certification info that comports with the other info, lending some solid credence to the existence of this phone and it's Mango destiny.

What's real interesting is the model number: SGH-i677. As NanaPho point out, traditionally this "series" have been front keyboard devices (as demonstrated in the fake mock up above). Does this mean that this device too will sport a front qwerty? If so, we think it would be more like a Dell Venue Pro (see review) than a standard "Treo" design. The latter configuration was suggested for Chassis 2 of Windows Phone, but Microsoft put that off due to wanting to concentrate on just one resolution for developers.

Still, a front-slider device from Samsung? Oh hell yeah...lets do this.

via NanaPho