Will new WP8 devices be among Samsung's half billion shipped in 2013?

In 2012, Samsung became the largest phone manufacturer in world, selling over 420 million handsets. According to an article in the Korean Times, they plan on increasing that number by over 20 percent, to a whopping 510 million phones, in 2013. The Korean electronics giant says that 2013 will be the year that they stand out from their biggest competitor, Apple.

Samsung saw huge success with their Galaxy line of phones, powered by Android. And while they will surely continue down that road, it appears that they will also be adding some more Windows Phone 8 handsets to the mix.

The Korean Times report says that "Samsung is planning to release a lineup of devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 mobile operating system," which implies that there will be multiple phones joining the ATIV S in Samsung's Windows Phone family. Sadly, that is the lone bit of insight into Samsung's Windows Phone 8 roadmap, but it offers us hope for 2013.

The ATIV S is a strong offering, but being essentially a re-branded Galaxy S3, it seems like Samsung just wanted to get a Windows Phone 8 device out fast (even though that didn't happen). A new 2013 lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices could give us more originality from in the way of design and features.

Source: Korean Times; Via: CNET