Depending on who you ask, Nokia has been dominating Windows Phone and controls over 90% of the market. Data from sources like AdDuplex paint a picture where Nokia controls 92.1% of the market, while HTC and Samsung bring up the rear with 5.2% and 1.6% respectively. Yes, Samsung barely has 2% of the market, but that’s not going to stop them from supposedly making a Windows Phone with a 1080p display. Details below.

Have you heard of the Samsung SM-W750V? You’ll find it mentioned once in our forums a little over a month ago, other than that it’s a ghost. The thread didn’t pick up much traction, which is a shame because it was the start of what’s probably going to be Samsung’s next Windows Phone. So what is the SM-W750V? It’s reportedly a 5-inch device and will be on the higher-end of handsets. Some new info coming out definitely backs up the assumption that this is high end Windows Phone.

The device recently swung by the Bluetooth SIG, which means we’ll definitely seeing it in North America. Its User Agent Profile is also hanging around on Samsung’s website and shows this device to support a 1920 x 1080 resolution. We can always get behind a 5-inch display with a 1080p screen, like the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Anybody interested in a Windows Phone from Samsung with a 1080p display in the 5-inch range? Sound off below.

Source: Samsung, Bluetooth SIG Via: Sammy Today, PhoneArena

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