Samsung. Say what you will about them – and we could say a lot – they barely have to move a finger and they can still sell ATIV S devices worldwide. They’ve hinted that they’re keeping a foot in the door with Windows Phone, and those efforts are reflected by last week’s release of Story Album.

Story Album may sound a bit like Nokia’s Storyteller beta on first blush, due just to the title. Reading the app description, which is written like a haiku, we get a little better understanding of what it does:

Create albums of your daily events

Keep your special moments in one place using your timeline

Your treasured memories will always be with you

Heading into the app settings and you can see features for grouping photos based on geolocation or timeline. Once grouped, you can name the album, added a lede photo image for it and do other minor edits. You can even change the entire app’s background, for the extra customization.

The app feels somewhere between the native photo album app on Windows Phone and Storyteller from Nokia. Nokia’s app is a bit smarter in that it should filter out double photos, only using the ‘best’ one and it has built in HERE Maps to augment the experience. You can also set your ‘home location’ for it to better understand your habits and frequent outings.

It’s not a bad app and if you have a Samsung ATIV S (or ATIV S Neo), then you should definitely check it out. It’s always nice to see Samsung release new apps for Windows Phone, even if their overall support for it is middling.

Pick up Story Album here in the Samsung Zone.


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