Samsung Ativ

Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device is going to be branded as the ATIV SE according to @evleaks. The notorious leaker is usually right when it comes to these things. We’ve seen a leaked render of the device a few weeks ago featuring a Verizon logo. What else do we know about it? Not much, really.

Previously known as the Samsung Huron, the ATIV SE is expected to be a high-end Windows Phone device for Verizon. The leaked photo shows a physical Windows Phone home button. The back and search buttons probably light up to the left and right when pressed. Everything else is a mystery at this point.

Samsung Huron

It’d be interesting to see if the back of Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone device takes on the same design as the Galaxy S5. If you haven’t heard, Samsung’s design philosophy in the Galaxy S5 is called “modern glam.” We’ve seen a lot of negative reactions so far, but Samsung will probably still sell millions of them. How would you feel about that design on Windows Phone hardware? Let us know in the comments!

Source: @evleaks