We’re not a 100% certain on the specific of this one, but the Samsung SCH-R860U has cleared the FCC sporting Band 12 LTE. That band is used by US Cellular, making this phone destined for that carrier and that carrier only (sorry, Sprint fans).

The question is, does the phone run Android or Windows Phone 8? With the Galaxy S4 right around the corner and Sammy’s slightly cold support of Windows Phone 8, we’d lean on it being another Android phone. But the site Blog of Mobile, who have a pretty decent reputation for finding these filings, claims it sports Windows Phone 8. 

FCC Samsung
Samsung FCC filing with device label placement

That certainly is a possibility as we know Sprint is getting a Samsung Windows Phone in the coming months, reportedly an updated ATIV S. And although Sprint doesn’t share the same LTE bands with US Cellular, they are both CDMA. It’s not uncommon to see similar phones piggy back on launches when they share radios frequencies, so that’s one angle.

Other than that, we know the phone has NFC, Wi-Fi and well, that’s it. But for customers on US Cellular, your first Windows Phone 8 device with LTE may be just around the corner. Fingers crossed.

Currently, US Cellular only carriers the ZTE Render (Windows Phone 7.5), with rumors of an HTC 8S failing to come to fruition.

Source: FCC; via Blog of Mobile, Unwired View