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Samsung is set to hold off on releasing new Windows Phones until Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" is released. According to reports, Samsung Taiwan has stated that they'll be launching a new handset running the next version of Windows Phone in the second half of 2012 (October at the earliest). It's a potential loop of a situation with Nokia pushing hard for consumers to adopt Windows Phone.

Samsung, like most OEMs, are waiting for the marketshare to increase and for higher demand to be present for handsets using Microsoft's operating system. Problem being consumers require a certain degree of choice to become interested in the platform. Cue Nokia just six months ago with the launch of the Lumia 800 in the UK.

With the Finnish manufacturer pushing Windows Phone left, right and centre, more demand will provide Samsung with the motivation to produce more devices to compete within the system. The complaint from a number of potential buyers (particularly from Android) is specifications, or lack of. Majority of smartphone users are now accustomed to dual-core with high resolution displays and removable storage.

We're still waiting for more news on the mysterious SGH i667 "Mandel", which is reportedly one of three AT&T LTE Windows Phones. It'll be interesting to see what Samsung can produce with the upcoming update, but for them to actually launch an effective marketing campaign is another story. For now they'll have to stick to being relatively grumpy at Nokia for their aggressive "Blown away by Lumia" marketing.

Source: ePrice.tw, via: WMPU