While we're still technically right that the SGH-i780 won't be coming to the US, it does appear that a variant of it will, the SGH-i788, according to the::unwired. Their sleuthing through some FCC docs revealed that some of the drawings for it, it looks pretty much identical to the SGH-i780. Likely the only real difference will be added support for the US radio bands.

We had a hands-on with the SGH-i780 in January, hoping for awesome things. This device is a Windows Mobile 6 Pro device (6 at the time, though maybe we'll get 6.1?), with a 320x320 flush touchscreen and a front-facing keyboard and WiFi and 3G and GPS and ...well, you get the picture.

We were really hoping the SGH-i780 would be a Treo-killer and it nearly was, except for this:

That is a little optical mouse that the i780 (and probably the i788) uses instead of a standard 5-way. All well and good, but trying it in either “mouse” or “swipe” mode is an exercise in pain and frustration. Didn't we tell you that Desktop Metaphors Don't Belong On Mobile? Hopefully Samsung will follow Sony Ericsson's lead and add a standard D-pad next to this silly little mouse.