As if the world needs yet another instant messaging service, last year Samsung introduced their ChatON app on Android which now boats a few hundred thousand users. The app is nothing too remarkable as it allows group messaging, photo, music and location sharing and the usual other chat tidbits you expect from such a service.

In January, Samsung released a version for iOS and subsequently one for RIM's Blackberry too. There was also mention from a TNW article that a version for "Windows Mobile" (sic) was in the works as well. Later, Samsung somewhat denied this but now it appears that Sammy may indeed have something for Windows Phone.

From the Italian version of the website for ChatON, Samsung now list "Windows Mobile" under app availability with it currently grayed out indicating future support (even if they have the platform name wrong).

ChatON coming soon?

Other than that we have very little information as to when it will come and what features it will have (and to be honest, we're finding it a little hard to get excited over this). On the other hand, when every other platform has it and you're the last one who doesn't, it certainly doesn't hurt us to be included too.

Thanks, iMarc90 (Twitter), for the tip!