Samsung's news and weather app, Now, just got bumped to v2.1 and it looks great. First off, it's now Mango compatible meaning fast-resume is there for app switching in addition to more language support, which should make our international users happy. Second it now has a Live Tile featuring the current temperature, conditions and high/low for the day. You can then create two secondary, flippy Live Tiles: News and Top Tweets

Other than that, since it was recompiled with the new Mango SDK 7.1 tools, it feels zippier and more smooth to us on our Focus running 7720. The app was "ok" before but with the Live Tile, new languages and speed, it's actually more useful than HTC's Sense app which was basically a portal to their Marketplace.

You can pick up v2.1 in the Samsung Zone or here's the link if you so desire. Thanks, uf12ahimusmanllah, for the tip!